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Dry Needling 

Our Dry Needling technique, expertly administered by our skilled clinicians, offers targeted relief for persistent heel pain. This non-invasive approach involves the precise insertion of thin needles into trigger points, addressing muscle tightness and discomfort at its source.

What is Dry Needling and When is it Recommended for Heel Pain?

Dry Needling, a technique skillfully employed by our physiotherapists at Heel Pain Solutions, involves the precise insertion of thin needles into trigger points to alleviate muscle tightness and discomfort. This targeted approach proves highly effective for heel pain that persists despite traditional treatments. At Heel Pain Solutions, our expert team specialises in integrating Dry Needling as a focused solution for specific musculoskeletal issues related to the heel.

Applications of Dry Needling for Heel Pain

Dry Needling, administered by our skilled clinicians, is strategically applied to target trigger points and address heel pain at its source. This non-invasive intervention is particularly effective in relieving persistent discomfort, muscle tension, and limitations in heel mobility. It forms an integral part of our commitment to providing specialised care for heel-related concerns at Heel Pain Solutions.

Post-Dry Needling Support and Guidance

Following Dry Needling sessions, our dedication to comprehensive care at Heel Pain Solutions continues. While the administration of Dry Needling is within the expertise of our clinicians, we actively participate in post-treatment care. This includes offering guidance on post-Dry Needling recovery, providing advice on self-care measures, and coordinating any additional rehabilitation for optimised outcomes.

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